Mobile Marketing Tools And Techniques

Have you ever advertised your products via mobile marketing? If not, it is time to think about launching a mobile marketing campaign. Read this article to find out more about different mobile marketing tools and techniques.

Sending out text alerts is a great way to keep your customers updated about your latest products and to share discounts and coupon codes. You should place a subscription form on your site or blog and advertise your text alerts as a way of getting exclusive content. Add a disclaimer to say that the phone numbers customers share with you will remain private. Enter the phone numbers into a mass texting software and use this software to send out text alerts. Keep your messages short: share a coupon code, a short announcement or a link to your mobile website. All your text alerts should include a link or a code to unsubscribe from your distribution list.

Create a mobile website to share updates about your latest projects, coupon codes and basic information about your business. There are many different mobile website building tools you can use but make sure you build a site that is easy to navigate. Keep the design simple and avoid using pictures so that your site can be loaded quickly. Test your site with different browsers and devices to make sure all your customers will be able to access it. Update your site regularly with new coupon codes and fresh content but keep in mind that your mobile site should not contain as much information as your regular site or blog.

If your customers own iPhones or Android phones, you should consider developing an app. You can offer your app as a freebie to reward your customers for their purchases or make it available to everyone on your mobile website. Be original and create a quality app that will be fun and useful. You could for instance create a game related to your product, design an app that allows people to customize your products and share their creations with each other. You could also create an app that functions as a catalog of your products.

If your customers own smartphones, you could use QR codes in your publications. A QR code is a small picture that a smartphone owner can scan thanks to the camera of their phone: the QR code is then interpreted as a link. If you have ads in magazines, newspapers or send flyers and posters to your customers, place a QR code somewhere on your publication and invite your customers to scan it to get a discount code or learn more about your latest product. This could be a great way to get more traffic to your mobile website.

A lot of people use their mobile phones to access social networks. If you use social media marketing to advertise your products, you should look for ways to combine both campaigns. You could for instance share links to your mobile site on Facebook or Twitter or organize contests to get people to snap pictures of your store, billboards or of themselves using your products with their phones and upload them on social networks.

These mobile marketing tools and techniques should help you put together a campaign that is adapted to your audience. Try new tools and techniques, follow new trends and keep looking for new ways to interact with your audience.

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