Mobile Marketing And Apps

You have probably heard about apps and even downloaded and used some of these small programs if you own an iPhone or an Android phone, but have you ever thought about using apps to promote your products? Read this article to learn more about apps and how you could use them to sell your products.

Start by finding out whether or not your customers are likely to own iPhones,  Android phones or tablets. If you know your customers spend money on the latest technological products or need an advanced phone because of their job, developing apps should allow you to reach out to a lot of customers. However, if your customers are not likely to own mobile phones that support apps, you should do your best not to exclude anyone from your campaign.

Creating a mobile app requires you to acquire a few skills, but you can also hire a team of professionals to create a quality app for you. You can easily find many different companies specializing in creating mobile apps with a simple online search: before you hire anyone to work on your app, ask to see a portfolio of apps they have created before. There are also app building tools you can use to create an app yourself: the most advanced ones such as the Apple iOS Developer Program are hard to use but give you a wide range of possibility while other programs such as MotherApp or PhoneGap are much easier to use but can limit you to a certain format or language.

Download the apps your competitors offer and analyze them in details. You need to find out what kind of app is popular among your target audience and why. A good app should be useful, fun to use and original. Things such as design or how you name and advertise your app matter a lot: you need to promote your app like you would advertise one of your products if you want to reach out to a large number of customers. Create a mobile website so that people can easily download your app and share links to this site on social networks or via text alerts to let people know about your app.

Decide what kind of app you want to create. If you want to provide your customers with an entertaining app, create a fun game. Try different gaming apps and ask yourself what kind of game your customers would consider to be fun: take into consideration their age and their interests. A well-designed original game could in fact become a real sensation, especially if you give users a way to play with each other. You could also create an app that allows users to design their own products or customize yours and share the results on social networks. Other popular apps include learning tools, organizers, interactive instruction manuals and catalogs.

Do some research about your target audience first to find out how likely they would be to download an app. Experiment with different projects and do not hesitate to release more than one app.

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