How To Best Use SMS Marketing

Marketing can be tricky. There are many ways to go about it. One such way is by utilizing short message services (SMS). By using SMS, you can get your message out to mobile communication devices all over the world. Read on to learn how to get started with SMS marketing.

You need to first choose a keyword. Pick something relevant to your business that will catch the eye of the customer. Using keywords will help ensure that your messages are getting out to people who actually want to read them.

Make sure to keep your message short. The name, short message services, describes it perfectly. Not only do customers generally dislike longer messages, it’s also impossible to send a single text containing a message that is overly long. Anything too long, and the SMS service will split what you have written up into more than one message. The last thing you want is for your instant message to be split up into multiple messages.

Remember to provide the option to discontinue messages. No one likes unwanted spam. A quick way to lose respect and customers is to make discontinuing messages impossible or overly difficult. Make sure the option to unsubscribe is obvious and simple to preform.

Use a two-fold process for subscriptions. After a customer signs up for messages, have them confirm that they meant to do so. Having them take an additional and simple step will cut down on customers annoyed over spam.

Try to personalize your messages. Whether it’s a banner or a tagline, try to make your messages distinguishable from those of others. It is important that you stand out from the crowd as often as possible.

Stick with current events. Keep your messages relevant. Be aware of what is going on in the industry. Keep your customers up to date about the information they want to hear.

Reward your repeat customers with incentives and deals. Make them feel important. Be sure to advertise this with SMS.

Be sure to provide your contact information. Make sure that your business still appears human. Have your contact information readily available should customers need to contact you with any questions.

Offer exclusive deals and coupons. Your messages may contain plenty of useful information, but that doesn’t mean customers will want to read them. Ideally, the content will be interesting enough to hold their attention once you have it. You still need to get them to read it in the first place. Give your customers a reason to sign up for messages. Include deals they will only have access to by signing up.

Have a reason behind every message you send. Don’t flood inboxes with rambling messages about nothing in particular. Write your message out ahead of time and edit it heavily. Be sure that there is a clear message and purpose behind what you are about to send out.

SMS marketing can be a very effective tool when used properly. It is simple and inexpensive. Give it a try, and see if SMS marketing is a strategy that works for you.

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