Fun Mobile Marketing Techniques

Do you feel like your customers are not really excited about your mobile marketing campaign? You should try making your campaign more original thanks to these tips.

Instead of sending out a link or a coupon code via text message, you should send out a text alert that requires your customers to interact with you. There are several options you can explore and you should not hesitate to try something new to see how your customers react. You could send out a trivia question and ask your customers to text the correct answer back for a chance to win a free product. If you want to share a coupon code, have your customers guess the word they have to use when ordering a product to get a discount by sending them clues.

If your customers own iPhones or Android phones, you can develop apps that are original and entertaining. Creating a fun game should not be too hard if you can afford to hire a professional to help you or have some experience with creating apps. You can base your game on your products or create a character you can use as a mascot for your brand. Place your products within your game if possible and hide coupon codes within the game. You could, for instance, require players to unlock achievements to have access to coupon codes.

If you have a store, you could have your customers connect to your mobile marketing campaign while they are in your store and play different games. You could hide prizes in your store and have your customers text a code to a certain number to receive instructions on how to find these prizes. You can also share some clues on your mobile website or feature a different product every day on this site and offer a discount or a gift card to any customer who purchases this product. If you do not have a physical location, try adapting some of these games to have your customers text you or visit your mobile website for some coupon codes while ordering a product from your main website.

Getting customers to create their own content and share it with you is a great way to interact with them. Most mobile phones can take pictures, videos, record sounds and some apps even allow users to create drawings or customize products. You could ask customers to take pictures of themselves having a good time in your store or posing in front of your billboards and share this content on social networks to qualify for a discount or win a free product. Organize new contests on a regular basis and make customers feel valued by sharing the best submissions with the rest of your audience. If you are having a hard time getting people to participate in these contests, try offering more valuable prizes.

Keep in mind that not all customers will want to take part in these original mobile marketing strategies. Give some of these techniques a try to see how your customers react.

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